Thank you for choosing Glam Goodiez for your stencil needs. Each stencil is made to order from stencil masking that is imported from Japan. During my educational travels and certification with Airgel Japan (Airtex in the USA) I was introduced to this stencil masking and found it way more superior than what is available in the USA. I have worked with stencil masking from 3M to different industrial manufactures and have found this stencil masking to be the most malleable for curved surfaces such as nails, the adhesion is just tacky enough and these stencils are reusable provided you take care of them. Stencil Care Store in a cool dry place Clean stencil after use and do not put away with paint on the stencil. Do not clean stencil with acetone, use gel cleanser it is lighter and not as damaging. If all else fails include the cost of the stencil in the nail art. Try to handle the stencil with tweezers and not your fingers to reduce oils getting on the backs of the stencils. Remove the sticky layer from the nail before using stencils or work over a cured matte top coat.   **Reusable Stencils for nail art made from stencil masking sourced from Japan. The stencils are reusable as long as you don't cure them with gel on them and wipe the excess product off before you store them.