Why is no one telling you about this airbrush machine hack?

Why is no one telling you about this airbrush machine hack?

You are problay thinking what now!! But seriously when I started airbrushing I bought tons os different machines that were very cheap...I went from Amazon to Aliexpress. Because why should it mater... Well it does matter those cheap never seem to spray well, always get clogged and the warrenties suck!

I discovered that I could in fact build my own machine. Yeah all the fittings are standard. Meaning they are all made to the same specifications...now that does not speak to quality. So if you wanted you could buy an Apres handpiece and a compressor from Amazon, or even an airtex handpiecce and a Amazon compressor! 

How did I discover this..it was by trail and error honestly. In the midst of reviewing all the different equipment options to share with you I started looking at which items where able to be interchanged! This little tidbit can significantly reduce your equipment cost believe me! I have a few links for you below!

Airbrush Machine Reviews

Making your own airbrush machine

Amazon shopping list


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