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Efile Nail Bits & Grits

by ChloeElizabeth Reed 29 Mar 2022 0 comments
Efile Nail Bits & Grits

Carbide, Sanding bands, Cermic??

What is the best? What do you use on what? There are so many types of bits and I made a resource to solve that mystery for you!


Used to hold sanding bands and chamois buffers (however chamois buffers cannot be sanitized and shouldn’t be used repeatedly on different clients) Sanding bands are one time use tools and should be discarded after every client.

Diamond bits

These bits can be used in the place of diamond bands and come in plenty of options from the flame bit, to the sciver to the crosscut diamond and pedicure bit options. These bits can be used on the natural nail surface as well as in the finish out process.

Carbide Bits

These bits come in plenty of shapes from cones to barrels, to needle bits. The teeth on the bits are called flutes and they cut the product to remove it from the enhancement. These bits can only be used in one direction and they are sold in right-handed and left-handed models.

Ceramic Bits

These bits don’t last as long as the metal bits but they are good options! They come in extra fine, fine, medium, course, and extra course bits. You can use them to refine acrylic, seal the cuticle area and clean under the free edge.

Specialty Carbides

These come in different shapes and they have more pronounced flutes. These are more aggressive and can be used to take down nail length, remove 3D applications, thin down acrylic colors so that you can add a whole different color acrylic.

Cleaning Your Bits 

True diamond bits can be put in barbacide for a bit to clean and scrubbed with soap and water between clients (especially if you use them during a wet manicure or pedicure service). Carbide bits and big teeth bits can be soaked in acetone for a bit and then scrubbed with soap and water to remove debris if there is any.

Replacing your bits

If you are finding that you have to use too much pressure with your bits then it’s definitely time to replace them. You should be able to glide over the nail effortlessly.


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E-File Class

Bit Shopping List




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