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One Air Neons 10 Colors 10 ML

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  • When applying neon airbrush paints on nails, be sure to use Top Coatings with UV filters and UV protection to protect the color brightness and prevent sun fading!
  • The optimal wear period for designs with pure neon colors is 7-10 days.
  • We recommend not to make designs with neons for clients who go on vacation to the sea, where there will be intense sun rays.
  • For a more lasting color, you can add a couple of drops of white paint in neon colors.

Product description

Professional paint for airbrushing on nails OneAir Professional

Production: Russia

- Created with the participation of leading technologists and a professional airbrush artist
- Completely hypoallergenic, without a pungent odor
- Suitable for airbrushes with any nozzle diameter
- When spraying, creates a thin elastic film - does not crack when worn under a top coating
- The paints mix well with each other, allowing the creation of hundreds of exclusive shades
- Ready to use and does not require additional thinners

How to use:
- Shake the bottle before starting work
- Apply at a distance of 5-10 cm on a clean and degreased surface
- Avoid the formation of smudges or blots of paint to avoid chipping when wearing designs
- Fix the paint only after it has completely dried on the nail

- Shelf life of the paint - 2 years
- Keep the bottle tightly closed