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The Mega Stencil Bundle has earned its reputation as the most popular stencil collection, and now, it's about to get even better! We've listened to your creative needs and have decided to enhance this extraordinary bundle with 20 lessons, making it the ultimate guide for aspiring artists and seasoned creators.

This remarkable bundle includes all of the following stencils:

  • Sparkle Stars (3 pieces): Add a touch of celestial magic to your artwork.
  • Hearts (5 pieces): Express your love and passion through beautifully crafted hearts.
  • Stars (5 pieces): Create starry, dreamy designs with ease.
  • Galaxy Stars (2 pieces): Unleash the cosmic energy in your art.
  • Twinkle Stars (3 pieces): Let your art shimmer with starlight.
  • Large Galaxy Stars (3 pieces): Take your cosmic creations to new dimensions.
  • Circle (4 pieces): Perfect shapes for precision and symmetry.
  • Laughing Crying Faces (4 pieces): Emote through your artwork with expressive faces.
  • Mega Flames: Ignite your creativity with fiery designs.
  • Chubby Stars (5 pieces): Add a playful twist to your projects.
  • Sharp Stars (5 pieces): Create bold, eye-catching star patterns.
  • Chubby Clouds (3 pieces): Bring a touch of whimsy to your designs.
  • Lazy Clouds (3 pieces): Capture the beauty of drifting clouds.
  • Chain Link Fence (1 piece): Achieve an edgy, industrial aesthetic.
  • Butterflies (4 pieces): Let your art take flight with delicate butterfly motifs.
  • Playboy Bunnies (2 pieces): Embrace the iconic bunny symbol with style.
  • Lightning Bolts (2 pieces): Infuse your artwork with electrifying energy.
  • Space (4 pieces): Venture into the cosmos with cosmic stencils.
  • Love Stencil: Express the profound emotion of love.
  • Mega Lines: Enhance your art with a variety of versatile lines.
  • Stencil Saver Book: Keep your stencils in pristine condition and organized.

As the icing on the cake, we've included access to the Nail Art Membership community eto guide you through your creative journey. With this bundle, you'll have all the tools and knowledge needed to craft stunning, professional-grade designs. The membership includes bi-weekly live lessons and weekly pre-recorded lesson drops!

Don't miss out on this ultimate stencil collection. Elevate your artistry with the Mega Stencil Bundle today and unleash your limitless creative potential.

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