The newest trend in nail art, stencils are here to make every airbrush design possible. Create your own nail art with these reusable airbrush nail stencils. These are perfect for beginners to use with water-based paints and airbrush gel. With Airbrush Nail Stencils, you can make your hands look like a work of art in a fraction of the time.


Made from premium imported Japanese airbrush masking material. These are NOT vinyl stencils. Reusable and durable.

  • $11 Stencil Packs

    Cute motifs to help you create next level nail art.

  • Airbrush Letters & Numbers

    Give your nails an all-time cool look with these reusable stencils. The large shapes make it easy to draw beautiful designs on nails. Use them over and over again, with cleanup just after each use. Available in a variety of different letter and numbers, our stencils are the perfect addition to your nail art kit!

  • Stencil Singles

    Need to re-up on your favorite stencils? Get a few Airbrush stencil singles. These were designed with the artist in mind, so they're easy to use and are designed with different shapes like hearts, stars, circles and plenty more.

  • Scalloped Edges

    You can't get these anywhere but here!! Defiantly a simple stencil that creates a whole lot of interest!

  • Airbrush Lace

    There’s no denying that airbrush nail art has taken over. But now, with our innovative and simple to use lace fabric stencils, you can create your own original nail art designs without spending a ton of money. Our stencils are perfect for all skill levels and ages, so everyone will be able to find their unique style.

  • Stencil Bundles

    Not sure what to get! No worries. I have grouped some of my most popular stencils into a few bundles. It gives you a mix of everything.