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One Air Professional 19 Colors 20 ML

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The real paint color may slightly differ from the product shown in the picture due to the peculiarities of color rendering on different screens of computers, smartphones, tablets.


Professional paint for airbrushing on nails OneAir Professional - Set "Profi", 19 colors of 20 ml

- Professional paint for airbrushing on nails OneAir Professional was created with the participation of leading technologists and a professional airbrush artist
- Completely hypoallergenic, without a pungent odor
- Suitable for airbrushes with any nozzle diameter
- When sprayed, creates a thin elastic film - does not crack when worn under the top coating
- The paints are perfectly mixed with each other, allowing you to create hundreds of exclusive shades
- Completely ready to go!

How to use:
- Shake the bottle before starting work
- Apply at a distance of 5-10 cm on a clean and degreased surface
- Avoid the formation of smudges or blots of paint to avoid chipping when wearing designs
- Fix the paint only after it has completely dried on the nail

- Shelf life of OneAir Professional paint for airbrushing nails - 24 months (for White paint - 12 months)
- Do not freeze the paint! Storage temperature from +5
- Keep the bottle tightly closed

Production: Russia